Southwest Manufacturing News — September 2017
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Caron Engineering Integrator Gains Territory In The South

Wolfram Manufacturing, an integrator of Caron Engineering products in the South, has recently gained new distribution territory. “Wolfram is a service-based company focused on using the most current manufacturing and automation technologies to deliver precision CNC machining for its customers,” said a company spokesperson. Wolfram began representing Caron Engineering products in Texas two years ago, shortly after integrating its first TMAC system (Caron Engineering’s flagship tool monitoring system) into its production line.

Wolfram utilized every aspect of the TMAC system, including the adaptive control option, a feature that automatically adjusts the feedrate based on the power load on the tool. They immediately realized significant decreases in part cycle time, along with increased tool life. These results translated into time and cost savings, which they could pass on to its customers.

“As a company that embraces new technology and automation, Wolfram has been an ideal representative for Caron Engineering product distribution and integration,” said the company spokesperson. “With its advanced manufacturing capabilities, it can provide added services to the customer.” In addition to Texas, Wolfram will now be representing Caron Engineering in Oklahoma and New Mexico.

For more information contact:
Wolfram Manufacturing
9601 Dessau Road, Suite 104
Austin, TX 78754

Caron Engineering, Inc.
1931 Sanford Rd.
Wells, ME 04090