Midwest Manufacturing News — March 2016
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Gosiger Partners With Schütte USA To Sell Multi Spindle Machines

Effective immediately manufacturing technology provider Gosiger High Volume offers the Schütte multi spindle product line to customers in the U.S. and Canada in an arrangement that supports the sales efforts of Schütte USA.

Schütte offers a full range of multi spindle machines, including six and eight spindle models, from CAM to sophisticated CNC. As such it is a complement to the existing Gosiger High Volume product line.

Gosiger High Volume began as Maxim International in the early 1990s selling and supporting the Euroturn multi spindle machine. According to Gosiger High Volume President Mark Walker, “As we continue to support the Euroturn with service and parts, we are excited to offer the innovative quality products of Schütte as a way for our customers to upgrade to the latest technology. Combined with the hybrid technology from Shimada and our rebuilding of existing Euroturn CAM machines, this partnership creates a range of solutions second to none.

“In addition, these products, along with BTB rotary transfer machines and iFP vacuum solvent parts washing systems, enable us to recommend the most appropriate technology to our customers as they face the current day to day challenges of high volume production.”

For more than 90 years Gosiger, a third generation family-owned company, has provided manufacturers with machine technology, robotic automation, technical service and engineering support.

For more information contact:

Gosiger, Inc.
108 McDonough Street
Dayton, OH 45402

Schütte, LLC
4055 Morrill Road
Jackson, MI 49201
800-668-4035 / 517-782-3600