Midwest Manufacturing News — September 2017
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High-Performance CMM With Laser Scanner

Perceptron has extended the range of its high performance COORD3 UNIVERSAL coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) by introducing the 7.7 model, offering 1,000 mm x 700 mm x 700 mm measuring range and the new Perceptron ScanR laser scanner.

The UNIVERSAL CMM applies a “design-for-manufacture” focus, reducing CMM assembly and calibration times. “The UNIVERSAL CMMs utilize a high-technology alloy moving frame design that provides the benchmark for dynamics and measuring accuracy performance,” said a company spokesperson. “This design overcomes the issues associated with operating traditional granite CMM structures, in typical CMM operating environments. UNIVERSAL also includes a wireless CMM thermal compensation system of both machine and part, allowing the measuring system to automatically and dynamically compensate for changes in the CMM operating environment. Gold-plated 0.1 μm measuring scales are free-floating in support tracks, eliminating any CMM structural changes from influencing its measuring accuracy.”

UNIVERSAL CMMs provide a highly rigid structural coordinate measuring platform, allowing the use of point-to-point, analog contact scanning and the Perceptron laser scanning sensors. “The latest Perceptron ScanR Laser Scanning Sensor offers the world’s first green CMM laser sensor, allowing inspection of traditional difficult highly reflective parts integral in a fully automated inspection, which included full geometrical feature extraction from the generated point-cloud in the supplied TouchDMIS software,” said the spokesperson.

The COORD3 Universal CMM family of machines is currently available in model sizes from (X) 1,000 mm x (Y) 700 mm x (Z) 700 mm to 3,000 mm x 1,500 mm x 1,200 mm.

For more information contact:
Elliott Mills
CMM Product and Sales Director
Perceptron Inc.
47827 Halyard Drive
Plymouth, MI 48170