West Manufacturing News — January 2018
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The IFH Group West Installs Prima Laser/Punch System

The IFH Group West, Arlington, WA, has enhanced production capabilities by installing an integrated Prima LPe6f 4,000-watt fiber laser with a 30- ton punch. Replacing a standalone laser cutting system and three metal punches, the new system has already shown to reduce project set-up times while increasing capacity and technical capabilities.

The IFH Group West, LLC fabricates an array of custom electrical enclosures and precision sheet metal parts. The IFH Group West is a subsidiary of The IFH Group (Rock Falls, IL), the originator of industrial fluid storage and handling systems and a fabricator of custom hydraulic reservoirs and fuel tanks.

“The Prima Laser/Punch is a significant improvement to our manufacturing process,” said Ryan McCarty, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at The IFH Group. “With this in place, we can now deliver prototypes and 1-off or 2-off projects with very quick turnaround; much shorter than a typical 3- or 4-week lead time.”

The Prima LPe6f is a 61-station, 30- ton servo-electric turret punch press with a 4,000-watt IPG fiber laser. The system will process a 60” x 120” sheet of material, up to 0.315” thick. The turret features an up-forming station for processing high-formed features, and can cut 16 ga. (0.0598” thick) mild steel at approximately 590 IPM. The servoelectric punch press can stroke 1,000 times per minute.

Connected to the Prima LPe6f is a new LSR (loading and stacking robot) that retrieves and stacks parts on a pallet, and loads new sheets into the machine for processing. Attached to the LSR is a two-sided combo tower that holds raw sheet metal, parts and material skeletons, currently outfitted with 21 shelves, each having a capacity of 6,600 lbs. or 100 mm (3.937”) of material.

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The IFH Group, Inc.
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