Southwest Manufacturing News — September 2017
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Y-Axis VTL For Energy Manufacturing

CNC Systems, Inc. and Honor Seiki offer a solution for manufacturing the complex and ever growing part sizes in energy manufac-turing applications.

“The real beauty of the Honor Seiki Y-axis VTL machine configuration is the ability to combine difficult operations and reduce manufacturing costs on large, complex parts,” said a company spokesperson. “On a recent visit to a customer, we analyzed their parts and were able to reduce operations from six set-ups to two. The proposed solution will allow parts to be made at a lower cost with less handling to help them be more competitive.”

The PL series starts at a 63” (1,600 mm) table and can go as large as a 196” (5,000 mm) table . The Honor Seiki PL350CM features a 137” (3,500 mm) table that can swing and cut up to a157 ” ( 4,000mm ) part.

The stan-dard tool changer on the right had side of the machine has 16 tool stations, which can be increased to 24 stations. The PL350CM has an additional 60 tool stations on the left hand side that can be expanded up to 200 tool stations using CAPTO or KM Tools. The left side tool changer allows automatic tool changing into the optional 90° (right angle head) or into special turning or boring heads for special applications.

All of the toolholders are locked into the large heavy duty RAM by the patented Honor Seiki “Solid Lock” tooling system, which allows for longer and heavier tools to be used with greater rigidity and accuracy.

The PL series features a standard FANUC 31i CNC control and also has the following capabilities: rigid tapping, vertical turning, vertical and horizontal milling, Y-axis table movement, C-axis table movement, quick change chuck/ fixtures, grinding, dual rams and full Xaxis travel with the single RAM, additional Z-axis travel and open height, hydraulic chucks and an expanded automatic tool changer that will hold 200 tools. Increased accuracies can be achieved by adding optional scale feedback in all axes with tool setting and part probes.

Parts, service and support are already in place for this machine line, along with other products that are imported through CNC Systems that have applications in energy manufacturing: Vision Wide double column bridge and gantry mills; APEC 5-axis liner motor gantry mills; AVEREX horizontal machining centers; AVEREX MTX multi-axis horizontal lathes; Ares Seiki drill tap machines and its latest introduction, the U’Chine; and horizontal boring mills (110 mm, 130 mm and 150 mm bar diameters).

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