Plano Profile — March 09
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Cutest Canine Cover Contest

The Plano Profile staff has tackled some challenging projects in the past, but those were a walk in the park compared to the task of selecting only a few dogs to be named winners of the Cutest Canine Cover Contest.

Of the 192 dogs submitted for consideration, we had 192 viable options. Every last one of them had a trait, a look, or a personality that jumped up and howled, “I’m the one!” Truth is, every dog entered in this contest is a winner by the mere fact that he or she is obviously much-loved and well cared for, not to mention adorable, handsome, sweet, Funny, silly, alert, adventurous, playful, and intelligent. Occasionally heartfelt letters accompanied the photos. Although they played no part in determining winners, it was touching to see just how important dogs are to the lives of so many.

Dogs are steadfast companions. They come to our rescue when strangers approach, and they chase away the blues when we’re feeling low. They make us laugh, make us feel accepted, even make us healthier. By the virtue of our dogs’ unconditional love, they make us better people. So to all the winners … and we do mean ALL of you … congratulations!

Gracy King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Owner: Robyn MacMeeken

Our cover girl, 5-month-old Gracy, is already pretty famous. She is the most popular visitor at Carpenter Middle School, where Robyn is the front office secretary. Although small, Gracy is not intimidated by the kids; she is used to playing with her brother Kun-Yea, a 120-pound husky/ Lab mix. True to her breed, Gracy is a pleaser, and we are quite pleased to have her on our cover


Lhasa Apso

Owners: Kim and Bill Kreidler City of Plano facilities mechanic Bill Kreidler was on assignment at the Plano Animal Shelter when he saw Snickers. The pup had been taken into protective custody, along with his mother and two littermates. Bill and Kim loved the scrappy puppy instantly but had to wait until it was released for adoption. When it was, they took no chances–they camped out at the shelter overnight to be first in line! He is now 2 years old and loving life.


St. Bernard

Owners: Jenny Gadsden and Cameron Shavers Big and beautiful, 2-year-old Daisy is now in her fourth, and permanent, home. Adopted from the St. Cloud’s Rescue Home in McKinney, Daisy has adjusted to the good life, with a passion for TV viewing—especially football!

Ever the protector, she goes through the house herding the family. When all are accounted for, she can rest once again.

Honor-RUFF-ble mention

Maggie Mae Havanese Owner: Lynne Timm Bred in Cuba to be circus dogs, Havanese are funloving, playful and even silly. Maggie Mae fits that description perfectly. One of her pranks is biting the end of toilet paper and running through the house as it unrolls behind her. But this adorable 2-year-old clown is much too cute to scold.

Alex Boston Terrier Owner: Jake Hulsey Alex is named after Jake’s favorite baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, who also sports black and white when he takes to the field. Four-year-old Alex plays hard, runs fast, and steals the ball from his brother Bentley at every chance. A confident dog with sweet demeanor, Alex is ready for the big show.

Yume Siberian Husky Owner: Stacey Fox Martial arts instructor Stacey Fox discovered the word “Yume” (u-may) is Japanese for “dream”—a perfect name for this 4-year-old Siberian husky, who is a vision with starry eyes and snowy fur. Yume enjoys playing in a pack and adores kids. Although suited for cold weather, she has become a contented house dog in Texas.

Bow-Wow other top dogs in our contest

Best Smile: Minnie Owners: Kim & David Whiting A 10-year-old Dachshund mix, Minnie is lovable, loyal and a total snuggle bunny according to her mom. What makes her smile most are treats, going bye-bye, and snuggling in your lap. [1]

Best Sister Act: Shelby and Sophie Owners: Scott & Lane Burday These West Highland white terriers (Westies) are always ready to snuggle or play outside.

According to their owners, 7-year-old Shelby is “a real champ” and 3-year-old Sophie is always “looking for trouble!” Shelby is an AKC champion but Sophie doesn’t hold that against her. [2]

Most Patriotic: Brodie Owners: Dennis & Karleen Hoffmann He wears his colors proud. Six-year-old Brodie is a Shetland sheepdog (Sheltie) who is smart, loyal, and very affectionate. He likes to play with his doggie friends, Abby and Mack Englert. He also loves to fetch his daddy’s slippers, and when it’s time to relax, Brodie is a cuddly companion. [3]

Best Kisser: Penny Lane Owner: Christina LaScalea If she’s not kissing her owners, Penny is kissing her doggie boyfriend. She has a crush on a white Scottish terrier named Jasper at doggie day care. “She terrorizes him all day and always wants his attention,” says her owner. “It is quite hysterical to watch the two of them.” [4]

Best Party Animal: Jake Owner: Gail Stracener Bobbing for bones anyone? Pull out the party favors for this 3-year-old American pit bull terrier. Jake loves to chew on bones and play fetch with his launcha- ball. He also loves his brother Pooh Bear and three cat siblings. [5]

Most Ambitious: Lucy Owner: Gus Delacruz Make no bones about it, this 12- pound rat terrier-Chihuahua mix gets what she wants. After all, she is the “princess” of the house. Lucy is also described as energetic, yet tender. Her favorite treat is cheese, and she also likes Mother Hubbard peanut butter treats. [6]

Best Haircut: Java Owners: Curtis and Kimberly Hite Java is an Australian Labradoodle described by her owners as energetic, lovable, smart, and easy to train. At just 10 months old, Java loves to snuggle, and with all that hair who wouldn’t want to snuggle with her? Java gets her hair cut by Tammy Johnson at Coit Hedgcoxe Animal Hospital. [7]