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Advocate Lake Highlands (October 2009) : Page 16

ONTHEWEB comments BACKblog& TALK Thank you for the article concerning the WILDCAT SPORTS REPORT WITH COACH SCOTTSMITH,HOSTED BY KEITHWHITMIRE ON LiveWednesdays at Picasso’s at 6:30 p.m. 7215 Skillman Street at the NWcorner ofWalnut Hill Joinuswithyourquestionsabout lastweek’sgame andwhat’snextontheschedule. Every Thursday on the blog: Watch streaming video of the show at /lake-highlands/blog/sports LHHS Football Game Day Don’t miss a play with Keith Whitmire’s live play-by-play blogging; add your own in-game commentary and ask questions during the game, too. Get a Free Appetizer Up to an $8 value with any Purchase of $20 ormore. Valid on onlyWednesdays 4pmto close during football season. Dine-in only. Ask about theWednesday drink specials   OCTOBER 2009  Visit to read and comment on this month’s stories and daily Back Talk blog up- dates. Comments may be printed in the magazine. Lake Highlands Town Center. I appreciate all of the planning that has taken place regard- ing pedestrian parking, access, landscaping, and public use. My concern has to do with the renderings of the buildings facing Skillman and interior parts of the center.My first reaction was that these buildings appear rather boring froman aesthetic standpoint. I am hoping Prescott Realty Group will incorporate the use of natu- ralmaterials such as stone,metal and wood on exterior surfaces. The renderings do not seemto incorporate these types of materials, but rather seem- ingly flat surfaces of stucco and glass. I am hoping that the final architectural designs will be on par with the best design elements of any development in Dallas. Lake Highlands deserves the best and will financially support developments that are not only well planned from a public use standpoint, but also aesthetically appealing. —JIMLOCKHART VIA I would love to see the Advocate staff sit down with some specialist in demographics and see just WHY we are unable to attract quality development here. What do they see that makes them uninterested here, but interested in Cedar Hill ? I was up at Watters Crossing in Allen the other day and all of us herewoulddiefor that typeofadevelopment. Everyone knows development funds are fro- zen untilwe have an RTC type crash of all the vacant, high end condo projects in Uptown, Downtown, Intown. Eventually this will thaw and I still don’t think we can attract what we want unless we figure out why they will not look at us now. —WANTING THE BEST FOR LAKE HIGHLANDS VIA

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