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Advocate Lake Highlands (October 2009) : Page 37

or alley each week. And even if we do think about it, we likely assume it’s taken to a remote location, then left to sit and rot for the next few decades or centuries. “From the person on the street’s perspective, garbage col- 15 lection looks exactly like it did 50 years ago,” says sanitation services director Mary Nix. “but technology has changed dramatically.” For one, we’re recycling more the ranking of Dallas’ Mccommas bluff Landfill among the nation’s largest landfills than we ever have. this means less garbage being dumped into the landfill, something that will add years to the landfill’s life. And, Nix says, our recy- cling numbers are growing as more and more Dallasites warm to the idea. Plus, all those milk cartons and soda cans create revenue for the city — just not enough to pay for the city’s recy- cling program. the real money-maker is all of that precious space at the landfill, along with the fact that Dallas lets anyone use it who is willing to pay up. Mccommas bluff is so big — the biggest landfill in the state and the 15th largest in the nation — that the city has room to spare, at least for a few more decades. >> Watch a video tour of Dallas’ McCommas Bluff Landfill by visiting and clicking on “blog”.

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