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Continued from Page 60 on the main-and sub-spindles, making it possible to substantially reduce cut-ting time. Enhanced end face and cross rotary tools offer greater flexibility within the machining of complex shapes.” High-speed spindles with variable RPMs up to 80,000 RPM were also in-tegrated onto MK Precision’s existing Citizen-Cincom Swiss machines, fur-ther improving capability and produc-tivity. These new solutions have bene-fited MK Precision, which works pri-marily with complex medical assem-blies and medical implants for the spine/hips and instrumentation to support the devices. The shop’s Swiss machining processes are capable of achieving tolerances within +/-.0001”. Contract manufacturer MK Preci-sion relies on multi-axis machining centers to produce components for the medical, aerospace and defense indus-tries. “We deliver the best medical de-vice products in the fastest time,” said Bates. “We use both true 5-axis CNC mills/lathes as well as Swiss style screw machines in various capacities for our work here.” “For the complex parts MK Preci-sion manufactures, the Citizen-Cincom Swiss machines have given us in-creased capabilities and superior qual-ity finished products that our cus-tomers have come to expect,” said Bates. “We can run the Citizen-Cincom Parts Fast machines around the clock, and the de-mand of quality parts from our cus-tomers has us always focused on the newest technologies. Our team is con-stantly rethinking the way we make our parts. Utilizing these new Swiss machines to their fullest potential has paid off in spades and will continue to drive our growth well into the future.” MK Precision manufactures the following medical components: • Minimally invasive spinal implants and instruments • Lumbar/thoracic implants • Vertebral body replacement systems • Pedicle screw systems • Polyaxial screws, uniplanar screws, monaxial screws, hooks and rod con-nectors • Cervical plate and screw implants • Implant grade PEEK spacers and screws. “There is really no room for error,” said Michael Klesh, Owner of MK Pre-cision. “When a surgeon is going to take one of our devices and implant them, he cannot miss. He cannot have a bad day. Our guys have to follow that same mold. They have to have the best tools so that they do not miss.” The company also provides the fol-lowing services: • Burr-free parts • Laser marking • Titanium anodize • Laser welding • Chrome plating • Ultrasonic cleaning • Passivation • Electropolishing • Assembly • Exotic materi-als • PEEK • Contaminate-free machining • Full CAD/ CAM services. In addition, the company also makes many different fasten-ers for use in the aerospace mar-ket. “Materials we work with in-clude stainless steel, aluminum, titanium of vari-ous grades and A sample of parts produced on Citizen-Cincom Swiss PEEK polymer,” machines is shown. “For the complex parts MK Precision said Bates. manufactures, the Citizen-Cincom Swiss machines have MK Preci-given us increased capabilities and superior quality sion has 30 em-finished products that our customers have come to expect,” ployees and op-said Ron Bates, Director of Marketing, MK Precision. erates in a 17,000 sq. ft. facility. The 309 Camars Dr. Warminster, PA 18974 company is FDA-and ITAR-registered, 215-675-4590 and it is certified in IS0 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 Quality Management Systems. “Our experienced engineers, CNC machinists and Quality Control personnel scrutinize each phase of de-velopment utilizing the best technolo-Coming in April gies available,” said Bates. Manufacturing News For more information contact: Editorial Feature Ron Bates Drilling/Tapping/Threading Director of Marketing MK Precision 64 March 2015 • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS •

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