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panorama Feminist icon Gloria Steinem lectured to nearly a thousand men and women at the UT Dallas Activity Center Auditorium in April. Profile photo/Cindy Boykin dominance and control, the incidence of violence, shootings, and tension-related diseases decrease, adding years to men’s lives. in the concluding few minutes, Steinem opened the forum to questions. Taking a wide array of in- quiries, one summed up Steinem’s message best. a young female college student noted that given the women’s movement accomplishments in the workplace and at home, “What do you see our role to be in the future?” Steinem replied, “anything you want it to be! There is no role.” REACH for help… More than 140,000 people with disabilities live in Collin County. nationwide, about one in five residents live with some kind of disability. REACH, Resource Centers on Independent Something in the way she moves… Women’s movement icon Gloria Steinem spoke to a crowd of about a thousand people, both men and women, at the UT Dallas activity Center auditorium in april. in what may sound like a departure from previous calls to action, Steinem’s lecture was titled “Women and Men: a Partnership for the 21st Century.” She stressed issues for which she is best known, want- ing equal rights for women and minorities, but she also expressed understanding of the unique pressures and stereotypes men confront. in a David letterman-style “Top Ten” list, she addressed stereo- types that must be abandoned in order to have healthier personal lives and ultimately a stronger society. With humor, she recalled the days when typing was considered an exclusively feminine skill. But with the advent of personal computers, men discovered almost overnight that they could type, too! Stereotypical roles of parenting were also challenged. She re- minded everyone that women aren’t the only ones who are capable of being compassionate and nurturing caregivers. Men also have these abilities. She joked with the guys that the women’s movement can actually extend their lives by four or more years. By relinquishing the need for 24 Plano Profile JUNE 2010 Living, opened their Plano location at 720 e. Park Blvd. this spring and is ready to assist in many ways, including benefits counseling, disability- related referral, independent living skills training, peer support, community education, and Home by Choice, a program to help individuals relocate from nursing homes back into the community. for more information, call Charlotte Stewart at 214.630.4796 or e-mail her at cstewart@reachcils. org. Southwest Airlines CEO wins lofty award… University of Texas at austin alumnus and Plano resident Gary Kelly, BBa ’77, president and Ceo of Southwest Airlines, is one of six recipi- ents of the 2010 University of Texas Distinguished alumnus award. each year, the Texas exes honor six alumni who have distinguished themselves professionally and through service to the university. This award is the highest alumni award bestowed by the university. The elite recipients will be honored at a presenta- tion to be held in austin on october 22.

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