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panorama In celebration of all citizens who blend their heritage, hope, and hard work to make America the great nation it is, Wells Elementary hosted Multicultural Night. In a school where the student enrollment is 500, it may be surprising to learn that 40 different languages and dialects are represented. In a musical tribute to our countr y, all the voices of the second grade sang in unison beloved American songs: “ You’re a Grand Old Flag ,” “ Yankee Doodle Dandy,” “This Land is Your Land,” and the crowd-pleasing “Deep in the Heart of Texas!” In a parade of flags, 24 children represented their families’ ancestr y from ever y corner of the world, and another group of children modeled traditional dress. After the singing of “The Star-Spangled Ban-ner ” then a warm welcome by Wells princi-pal Stefanie R amos, guests were invited to “travel” to four different countries. In Italy, students made red, green, and white pasta necklaces; in Mexico they made colorful crepe paper flowers; Thailand is where the kids made fans and used stamps to make Thai let-ters; and Haiti gave them the opportunity to make tambourines. Each station had informa-tion, artifacts, and cuisine to sample. Program chair Michelle Trevino feels these programs benefit students and parents. She says, “As a parent and a community member that hails from Corpus Christi, where there was little diversity when I grew up, I believe this is a needed program. It brings awareness to children and adults of just how different we are and how amazing we are because of our differences. “Language, social, and religious barriers will break a community if they aren’t understood. Children are so accepting…for the most part… and it is important for adults to have that mindset, too, especially when our children spend most of their days together in a learning environment.” She continued, “I believe Multicultural Night was a success for several reasons. The comments made at the event were full of thanks and appreciation, and days after, I had people stop me and tell me how wonderful and eye-opening it was. I love hearing someone say ‘I had no idea.’ I feel growth occurred at Wells that evening as people gathered together to appreciate diversity. As a chairperson, my heart felt full and that made it a job well done.” My country ’tis of thee … Students model traditional dress from around the world; Principal Stefanie Ramos inquires about the flower making; Noel Starr (Sweden) and Blake Valenta (Czechoslovakia); flag bearer Cami Miller; Paul and Pete Sumethasorn (Thailand) and Bryan Kim (Korea); second-grade singers; and Sara Weiner. Profile photos/Cindy Boykin 22 Pl ano Profile. COM April 2011

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