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• P r Ay I N G was overwhelmed by God’s uncon-ly approachable, simple, and down-ditional love for him as he knelt to-earth, whether we are mission-before the cross on Good Friday in aries in the field or the classroom. 1807. This experi-Wherever Oblates ence thrust him minister, we share at a glance into the search our experience of for holiness and God’s compassion NUmBEr Of OBLAtES began his mis-and mercy in the WOrLdWIdE: 4,111 sion to preach way we welcome NUmBEr Of OBLAtES the Gospel to the p e op l e , e sp e -IN thE U.S. PrOVINCE: poor. In some cially the poor; approximately 350 way, at the core in preaching the of our spiritual-word; in pastoral PrOVINCIAL, ity, all Oblates orientation; in U.S. PrOVINCE: have experienced spiritual direc-Father William Antone being undeserv-tion; and through dAtE fOUNdEd: January edly saved and the celebration of loved by a com-25, 1816 (originally founded as the sacraments. passionate God. the Missionaries of Provence) blate spiritu-Our encounter GENErAL ality forms us with the life-giv-AdmINIStrAtION: Rome so that we see life ing Cross is our through the eyes impetus to mis-mISSIONAry OBLAtES’ WOrLd WEBSItE: of the crucified sion. Lord. We notice St. Eugene’s the people who are heart embraced unseen by society, the world. Our U.S. PrOVINCE WEBSItE: the marginalized spirituality flows and ignored. In from that heart, shaping us and our relationship their lives, in their sufferings and with God and others. Just what challenges, we hear the voice of does Oblate spirituality look like? the Spirit calling us to action. We A passion for Jesus, the Church, defend the sacredness of human life from its natural beginning to and the poor. Our spirituality makes us readi-natural end. We work with others O    To subs c r ibe: 800-678-2836

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