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M ANUFACTURING N EWS SOUTHEAST Serving Since 1997 Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee & Virginia Feature Editorial Smart Manufacturing Cloud Based Machine Monitoring Milltronics Shop View gives instant access to a machine’s status. See Page 12 Vol. 21 No. 11 November 2017 See Online DIGITAL EDITIONS at New Hybrid AM Series Mississippi Haas Tech Center Opens at Jones County Junior College 'EE@G&#1a;E>BA?5G&#19;;B=FB4GEG&#15;D/D@DACGA6 1E><DCFG -AA=@4G &&+G &#1d;E&#1c;EG '&#1a;&#19; &A;D@DECE&#1b;G2D==G<A@BGB<FGA66D>DE=G7?EC: A8FCDC7G6A?GDB@GE==3CF2G1D@@D@@D88DG-F>< +FCBF?GEBG$ACF@G+A;CB5G$;CDA?G+A==F7F &#1d;$+$+&#1b;G ACG &#08;F:CF@:E54G &#0b;A/F90F?G &#1f;&#0d;4 6?A9G &#1f;)G *1G BAG &#0d;G &#0a;1.G -<FG CF2G 'EE@ -F><G+FCBF?GD@G=A>EBF:G2DB<DCGB<FG$+$+ >E98;@4G&#06;))G,.G+A;?BG,B.4G(==D@/D==F4G1,. &#1e;&#08;FG E?FG /F?5G F!>DBF:G E0A;BG B<D@ CF2G 6E>D=DB5G EC:G B<FG 8E?BCF?@<D8G 2F <E/FG8;BGBA7FB<F?G2DB<G$ACF@G+A;CB5 $;CDA?G+A==F7F4&#13;G@ED:G&#0a;EB?D>&#1c;G&#0c;ECFG###4 %FCF?E=G1ECE7F?GA6G'&#1a;&#19; &A;D@DECE. &#1e;1D@@D@@D88DG9EC;6E>B;?F?@G/D@DBDC7 Continued on Page 69 Cutting Tools Fixed Clamping System An anti-rotation stopper designed into the toolholder provides insert immobility and system rigidity. See Page 22 1EB@;;?EG1E><DCF?5G ,*4G#C>.G<E@ =E;C><F:GB<FG1EB@;;?EG& 1(&#14;G,F?DF@4 EG8A2:F?G0F:G9FBE=GE::DBD/FG9EC;6E>3 B;?DC7G&#1d;*1&#1b;G8=EB6A?9G2DB<G@;0B?E>BD/F >E8E0D=DB5.G-<FG& 1(&#14;G,F?DF@G>A90DCF@ @F=F>BD/FG=E@F?G@DCBF?DC7G&#1d;,&,&#1b;GE=AC7G2DB< <D7<G @8FF:G 9D==DC7G &#1d;',1&#1b;G >A99AC=5 >E==F:G<50?D:G*1. &#1e;1EB@;;?E&#01;@G;CD&#03;;FG>A90DCEBDACGA6 BF><CA=A75G 8=EB6A?9@G FCE0=F@G B<FG 8?A3 :;>BDACGA6G8E?B@GEC:G>A98ACFCBG7FA9F3 B?DF@G DCG EG 9FB<A:G B<EBG <E@G CF/F?G 0FFC 8A@@D0=F4&#13;G@ED:GEG>A98EC5G@8A&#1c;F@8F?@AC. -<FG1EB@;;?EG& 1(&#14;G,F?DF@4G9EC3 ;6E>B;?F:G6A?G9A?FGB<ECG&#1f;)G5FE?@4GD@GCA2 A66F?F:GDCG&#0b;A?B<G*9F?D>EG2DB<G@E=F@GEC: BF><CD>E=G @;88A?BG 8?A/D:F:G 05G 1EB3 @;;?EG1E><DCF?5G ,*4G#C>. &#1e;&#19;6BFCG?F6F??F:GBAGE@GEGACFG9E><DCF4 ACFG8?A>F@@G>;BBDC7G@A=;BDAC4GB<FG1EB3 @;;?EG & 1(&#14;G ,F?DF@G 8F?9DB@G 8?A3 :;>BDACGA6GB<FG9A@BG>A98=F!GEC:G><E=3 =FC7DC7G8E?B@GB<?A;7<GBABE=G9EC;6E>B;?3 DC7G 05G :D7DBE=G FC7DCFF?DC7G ;@DC7G &#0f;3&#15; :EBE4&#13;G @ED:G -A9G 'A;=F4G &#15;D?F>BA?4 & 1(&#14;4G &#0b;*4G 1EB@;;?EG 1E><DCF?5 ,*4G #C>.G &#1e;-<D@G 8?A>F@@G 8?A:;>F@G ?F3 9E?&#1c;E0=FGE>>;?E>5G@DC>FG9FBE=G8A2:F?@ E?FG9F=BF:GEC:G@DCBF?F:G/DEG=E@F?G2<D=F Continued on Page 70 Applying Technology Machine Adaptation to Job Requirements Flexible and precise lathes help Hydro-Thermal rapidly adapt to changing job schedules. See Page 36 GF Machining Solutions to Acquire Software Specialist #CG=DCFG2DB<GDB@G@B?EBF75GBAG:D7DBE=3 D&#07;FG DB@G A66F?DC74G %&#1a;G 1E><DCDC7G ,A=;3 BDAC@G<E@GE7?FF:GBAG8;?><E@FG&#1f;))&#02;GA6 B<FG@<E?F@GA6G,599F:DEG%90'G&#1d;&#17;DF=F3 6F=:4G%F?9EC5&#1b;.G-<FG8?D/EBF=5GA2CF: >A98EC5G<E@G0FFCG@8F>DE=D&#07;DC7GDCG@A6B3 2E?FG 6A?G 9E><DCFG >ACCF>BD/DB5G @A=;3 BDAC@G6A?GB<FG8E@BG&#18;)G5FE?@. -<FG@F>;?FGDCBF?>ACCF>BDACGA6G9E3 ><DCF@GD@GB<FG0E@D@GA6GB<FG6;B;?FG:F/F=A83 9FCBGA6GDC:;@B?DE=G8?A>F@@F@4G>A99AC=5 :F@>?D0F:GE@G#C:;@B?5G&#0e;.).G,599F:DEG<E@ Continued on Page 70 New B-Axis Turning Cycle -<FG =EBF@BG (:7F>E9G @A6B2E?FG ?F3 =FE@F4G(:7F>E9G&#18;)&#1f;&#16;G&#12;&#18;4GDCB?A:;>F@GE CF2G B;?CDC7G >5>=FG B<EBG DC>=;:F@G &#17;3 E!D@G 9A/F9FCB@G 2<D=FG 9E3 ><DCDC7GACGEGB;?CDC7G>FCBF?. -<D@G 6FEB;?FG E==A2@G 7?FEBF? E>>F@@D0D=DB5G 2<FCG 9E><DC3 DC7G>A98=F!G8?A6D=F@G05G:53 CE9D>E==5G 8A@DBDACDC7G B<F DC@F?B. (:7F>E9G &#17;?EC:G 1EC3 E7F?G$A<CG&#17;;F<=F?G@ED:4G&#1e;-<F BAA=<A=:F?G D@G 7A;7F38?A3 BF>BF:G :;?DC7G :F8=A59FCB4 EC:GB<FG;@F?G>ECG<E/FGE::D3 BDACE=G>ACB?A=GA/F?GB<FGBAA=3 8EB<G 05G :F8=A5DC7G A/F??D:FG EC7=F@. -<D@G CF2G >5>=FG >ECG 0FG ;@F:G 2DB<G E== B58F@G A6G B;?CDC7G BAA=@4G EC:G 6A?G 0AB< ?A;7<DC7GEC:G6DCD@<DC7GA8F?EBDAC@.&#13; &#1e;-<F?FGE?FGE0A;BG&#18;)GDBF9@GA6GCF2 Material Handling Rideable Material Lift EC: FC<EC>F:G6;C>BDACE=DB5GDCG(:7F>E9 &#18;)&#1f;&#16;G&#12;&#18;4G6?A9GB<FG&#04;F?AG,A6B2E?FG@BE3 0=F4G>A/F?DC7GB;?CDC74G9D==DC74G@D9;=E3 BDACGEC:G2D?FG(&#15;14&#13;G@ED:GEG>A98EC5 @8A&#1c;F@8F?@AC.G *9AC7G B<FG ;8:EBF@4 2<FCG;@DC7GB<FG&#1a;D!B;?FG&#15;EBE0E@FGDBGD@ Continued on Page 70 Kardex Remstar Buys AHT Services Group &#0c;E?:F!G &#12;F9@BE?G <E@G ECCA;C>F: B<FG?F>FCBG8;?><E@FGA6GB<FG,F?/D>F@G&#19;83 F?EBDAC@GA6G*=BF?CEBD/FG'EC:=DC7G-F><3 CA=A7DF@G&#1d;*'-G,F?/D>F@G%?A;84G&&+&#1b; 6?A9G&#17;A0G';B@AC.G*@GEG&#0c;E?:F!G&#12;F93 @BE?G +A98EC54G *'-G ,F?/D>F@G %?A;8 2D==G>ACBDC;FGBAGA8F?EBFG;C:F?GDB@G>;?3 ?FCBG>A98EC5GCE9FG2DB<G%E?5G-E5=A? E@G%FCF?E=G1ECE7F?GEC:G1D&#1c;FG1D=EC E@G+<DF6G&#1a;DCEC>DE=G&#19;66D>F?. *'-G,F?/D>F@G%?A;8G2D==G>ACBDC;F BAG 8?A/D:FG DC@BE==EBDAC4G 9EDCBFCEC>F EC:G@8E?FG8E?B@G6A?G>;@BA9F?@GDCGE==GA6 Continued on Page 69 Vertical material lift allows authorized personnel to safely travel with their material between levels. See Page 48 Finishing / Grinding / Abrasives Grinding Instead of Turning GRINDSTAR enables an entire workpiece contour to be ground in a single processing operation and with lower cutting forces than turning. See Page 62 Subscription Changes: -AG9E&#1c;FGCE9F4GE::?F@@G@;0@>?D8BDAC ><EC7F@G>ACBE>B&#11; &#10;G&#0a;<ACF&#11;G"))3&#0f;&#16;&#0d;3"&#0e;""GG &#10;G&#1a;E!&#11;G"&#1f;&#16;3&#0e;""3&#16;"&#1f;&#0f;GG &#10;G(39ED=&#11;GDC6A&#05;967CF2@2F0.>A9 &#10;G222.967CF2@2F0.>A9 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED Gross Publications, Inc. SOUTHEAST MANUFACTURING NEWS P.O. Box 847 Grapevine, Texas 76099-0847 U.S.A. DALLAS, TX PERMIT 4245 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE Advertiser Index Page 59 PAID

New Hybrid AM Series

Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. has launched the Matsuura LUMEX Series, a powder bed metal additive manufacturing (AM) platform with subtractive capability. The LUMEX Series combines selective laser sintering (SLS) along with high speed milling (HSM) commonly called hybrid AM.

“Matsuura’s unique combination of technology platforms enables the production of parts and component geometries in a method that has never been possible,” said a company spokesperson.

The Matsuura LUMEX Series, manufactured for more than 10 years, is now offered in North America with sales and technical support provided by Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc.

“Often referred to as a one machine, one process cutting solution, the Matsuura LUMEX Series permits production of the most complex and challenging parts through total manufacturing by digital engineering using 3-D data,” said Tom Houle, Director, LUMEX, NA, Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. “This process produces remarkable accuracy since metal powders are melted and sintered via laser while surfaces are precisely milled at high speeds. The Matsuura LUMEX Series possesses both high-speed milling plus laser sintering capability. Engineers are free to conceive innovative ideas and revolutionizing conventional manufacturing,” Houle added.

Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. is completing a LUMEX laboratory and demonstration facility within the existing corporate headquarters in St. Paul, MN, joining the three other LUMEX Centers of Excellence locations in Japan, Germany and the UK.

The Matsuura LUMEX Avance-25 metal laser sintering hybrid milling machine relies on one-machine, one-process manufacturing of complex molds and parts by combining metal laser sintering (3-D SLS) technology with high speed milling technology. The machine enables production of complicated parts through total manufacturing by digital engineering, using 3-D data.

The Matsuura LUMEX Avance-25 is capable of processing parts up to 256 mm x 256 mm x 185 mm with an option allowing processing of 256 mm x 256 mm x 300 mm. The Matsuura LUMEX Avance- 25 serves predominantly the high value, high accuracy mold and die market. “Dies and molds with very complex geometries can be fabricated in one piece with high accuracy, shortening lead time and reducing manufacturing costs to a half or even a third of conventional methods,” said the spokesperson.

The Matsuura LUMEX Avance-25 achieves accuracy in part fabrication since metal powders are melted and sintered via laser, while surfaces are precisely milled at high speeds. 3-D cooling channels can be incorporated into molds in the single set-up, thereby increasing cooling efficiency and enabling highcycle injection molding with higher quality and precision, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

“Differentiated original parts production with internal structures, thus far considered impossible, are feasible on the Matsuura LUMEX Avance-25,” said the spokesperson. The Matsuura LUMEX metal laser sintering hybrid milling machine is capable of quick turn production of custom parts, whether prototypes or small production run parts.

“Rising interest in the Matsuura LUMEX products from aerospace and automobile industries searching for a machine capable of creating larger, high value-added parts prompted Matsuura to develop the Matsuura LUMEX Avance-60,” Houle explained.

The Matsuura LUMEX Avance-60 can process parts up to 600 mm x 600 mm x 500 mm. The machine is also outfitted with a high power 1 kW fiber laser that reduces sintering time.

It provides an increased speed of powder distribution to the tabletop surface along with a fully integrated automatic powder supply, collection and recycle system. Metal powder materials are distributed automatically into the sintering chamber without operator contact, eliminating powder dispersion in the work area and preserving a safe environment. Unused powder is automatically collected, sieved and recycled.

For more information contact:
Matsuura Machinery USA
325 Randolph Ave., Suite 100
St. Paul, MN 55102
800-518-4584 / 651-289-9700

Read the full article at

New B-Axis Turning Cycle

The latest Edgecam software release, Edgecam 2017 R2, introduces a new turning cycle that includes Baxis movements while machining on a turning center. This feature allows greater accessibility when machining complex profiles by dynamically positioning the insert.

Edgecam Brand Manager John Buehler said, “The toolholder is gouge-protected during deployment, and the user can have additional control over the toolpath by deploying override angles. This new cycle can be used with all types of turning tools, and for both roughing and finishing operations.”

“There are about 20 items of new and enhanced functionality in Edgecam 2017 R2, from the Vero Software stable, covering turning, milling, simulation and wire EDM,” said a company spokesperson. Among the updates, when using the Fixture Database it is now possible to measure fixtures and other workholding devices. “It is essential to be able to accurately measure the exact position and size of the fixture, as well as clarify its relationship to components, stock and any other workholders,” Buehler said.

Regarding Feature Finding, information transmitted by CadLink has been enhanced where “Limits and Fit” data is now passed to the Edgecam feature. This support covers CREO, Solid- Works and Inventor files. As well as showing the characteristic of the feature, this information also empowers strategy manager authors to capture and use the data when creating machining routines.

The Live Job Reports function was previously run as a windows service. Edgecam 2017 R2 swaps it to a desktop application, improving reliability when altering user profiles.

“With so many software tools available in Edgecam it can sometimes be difficult to judge which commands to permanently fix on the interface, but the latest release overcomes this with a new Quick Search function,” Buehler said. “Less common functionality can be easily located and deployed by simply searching the command library.”

The 2017 R2 release continues Edgecam’s evolution of updating cycle dialogs with pictures and context-sensitive help. “In this instance, Slot Milling, Project Flow Curves and Project Circular Pattern cycles have all been updated,” Buehler continued. “This feature not only assists regular users to easily interpret infrequently used commands, but it also aids less familiar users to quickly understand fundamental functionality.

The Inspection Module offers what Buehler described as “unparalleled ease of use and sophisticated probe path generation” for both inprocess and end-item part inspection. “It provides a robust environment for on-machine probing, supporting a wide array of feature types, path creation and report generation,” Buehler continued.

Responding to the growing need for offline inspection and probing, Edgecam caters to CAM programmers, and utilizes CAD models.

Using a set of easy-to-use commands, the user creates a set of inspection features that are then converted into a toolpath and simulated. This means the machine code macros are created via Edgecam’s post-processor.

The Machine Simulator benefits from two additional enhancements. The ability to pick the target component while using View Comparison was introduced in the previous release, and has now been enhanced so that users can now opt for “all components,” which is especially useful when working with numerous parts on a multi-loaded fixture.

Secondly, a quicker, more convenient way of rewinding the toolpaths has been introduced when exiting Machine Simulator: rather than using the traditional menu option, users can now simply hold down the “Shift” key.

Both the Roughing and Hole Drill cycles have been upgraded to be more consistent with existing functionality – namely when roughing to full depth, users no longer need to state a “cut increment” value.

Similar to the Roughing cycle, when set to “Use Current Stock,” the 2017 R2 Hole cycle no longer requires a Z Level value, since the system automatically detects the start position for the toolpath.

For wire EDM users, numerous enhancements have been made to the Machine Configurator. Support for multiple versions of EDM Expert is now available, and new technology settings have been added, allowing cycles to automatically switch to the appropriate EDM Expert technology page.

The ACVision and Excetek postprocessors now have more options, giving greater user control.

Lastly, the Tagging functions now allow a non-parallel movement when exiting a machining path. “This assists with better code output and allows a constant tag width along the entire part,” Buehler said.

For more information contact:
Vero (Edgecam)
25 North Lake St., Suite 220
Forest Lake, MN 55025

Read the full article at

Mississippi Haas Tech Center Opens At Jones County Junior College

Haas Factory Outlet, a Division of Machine Tools, LLC (aka HFO/ Louisiana) will host the official grand opening for its all-new Mississippi Tech Center at Jones County Junior College (JCJC) on Wednesday, November 15, from 10 AM to 5 PM. The new Haas Tech Center is located within the JCJC campus, 900 S. Court St., Ellisville, MS.

“We are very excited about this new facility and the partnership we have put together with Jones County Junior College,” said Patrick Kane III, General Manager of HFO/Louisiana. “Mississippi manufacturers visiting this facility will not only be able to see the latest machine tool technology, but will also see Haas’ commitment to training the next generation of machinists, which is equally as important.”

Jones County Junior College was established in 1911 as Jones County Agricultural High School and has been offering college level courses since 1927. The Precision Manufacturing and Machining Technology program at JCJC offers an instructional program that prepares individuals to shape metal parts on machines such as lathes, grinders, drill presses and milling machines.

During the Grand Opening Celebration, there will be live cutting demonstrations on a wide variety of American made Haas CNC machine tools. Featured technology includes the Haas ST-30Y multitasking turning center integrated with a Haas barfeeder, a Haas VF-3YT vertical machining center with extended Yaxis travel and a Haas DT-1 highspeed drill/tap machining center.

For more information contact:
The Mississippi Tech Center
900 S. Court St.
Ellisville, MS 39437

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GF Machining Solutions To Acquire Software Specialist

In line with its strategy to digitalize its offering, GF Machining Solutions has agreed to purchase 100% of the shares of Symmedia GmbH (Bielefeld, Germany). The privately owned company has been specializing in software for machine connectivity solutions for the past 20 years.

The secure interconnection of machines is the basis of the future development of industrial processes, commonly described as Industry 4.0. Symmedia has developed and offers these interconnections as a key player in factory digitalization.

Symmedia was established in 1997 and today employs 60 people. More than 15,000 machines in various industries worldwide have been equipped with its software. The company will continue to support and develop connectivity solutions for all types and all brands of machines and factory equipment. In addition, GF Machining Solutions will use Symmedia technology to accelerate its digital transformation by offering complete solutions for factory connectivity in industrial environments.

Symmedia will continue to operate under its current management from its Bielefeld base.

“We warmly welcome Symmedia to the Georg Fischer family and look forward to supporting the further development of its connectivity solutions for a whole range of clients,” said Yves Serra, CEO of Georg Fischer, parent company of GF Machining Solutions. “This new partnership will also allow us to speed up and widen the range of digital solutions we offer our customers.

Peter Barkowsky, Co-founder and Managing Director of Symmedia, added, “Our customers are machine manufacturers who provide services in textiles, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, plastics, printing, tooling and other industries. As a member of the GF family, we will be able to deepen the cooperation with our global customers and also help GF accelerate its digital transformation.”

Dr. Albert Christmann, CEO Oetker Group and Chairman of the Board of Symmedia , said , “Leading shareholders Gundlach Group and Oetker Group are grateful to the management and team of Symmedia for a truly innovative and very successful buildup of a niche market leader. We also thank our customers for outstanding relations and wish all stakeholders a prosperous next stage for Symmedia.”

For more information contact:
GF Machining Solutions LLC
560 Bond St.
Lincolnshire, IL 60069-4224

Symmedia GmbH

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Kardex Remstar Buys AHT Services Group

Kardex Remstar has announced the recent purchase of the Services Operations of Alternative Handling Technologies (AHT Services Group, LLC) from Bob Hutson. As a Kardex Remstar Company, AHT Services Group will continue to operate under its current company name with Gary Taylor as General Manager and Mike Milan as Chief Financial Officer.

AHT Services Group will continue to provide installation, maintenance and spare parts for customers in all of the territories it currently serves, including Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, East Texas, the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

“The acquisition of AHT Services Group, LLC. will help us better service and support customers in this region of the U.S.,” said Mark Dunaway, Executive Vice President. “We are pleased to have this group of people on board.”

The sales division of Alternative Handling Technologies will continue to operate in the Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina area for commercial new business, owned and operated by Bob Hutson with the support of his team.

Sales for East Texas, the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia will be handled by Kardex Remstar Sales Managers David Brown, Robert Horton and Tom Ramunno.

For more information contact:
Kardex Remstar
41 Eisenhower Drive
Westbrook, ME 04092

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